Queyras Mountain Guides

Role of the Guide, role of the client

We are mountain guides: our top priority is your safety and the primary goal of any expedition is actually getting you back home.

However, there is no such thing as zero risk in the mountains and some things are out of our control (rockfalls, etc), even as experienced, qualified guides.

Our job is to ensure that we can carry out what is generally a risk-laden activity whilst keeping risk to a minimum.

Bear in mind that work and play in the mountains involves elements which are out of your control - this is exactly what makes it so exciting.  This also means that sometimes decisions need to be made which alter an expedition or activity to make it safer for you and for us.  These decisions are made by us, using our experience, with you and your ability in mind.

These decisions can seem frustrating but are an essential part of why you hire us in the first place (ie using our experience of the mountains).  Therefore we please ask you to be respectful of such decisions.  We'll always be happy to explain them to you, if necessary over a beer once back down in the valley!  

Your satisfaction is of course our secondary overall objective, and whilst this cannot override security, we'll do all that we can to mesh both security and satisfaction and get the best out of any change of itinerary or plan.  Learning to adapt to the demands of the mountains is part of mountain life and changing plan shouldn't feel like a failure but rather like a strategic move.  A lot of Plan Bs turn out to be a much better option than the original plan!

Going out in the mountains, sharing a rope or a path, makes you a part of a whole in the plan we're carrying out together.  As explained above, this means we expect you to respect our decisions and allow us to make them without putting us under pressure (even when you joke about it).

You will have to adapt to the general conditions on the mountainside and to any change of plan as good weather cannot be guaranteed and shared risk is an important concept to learn up here.

It's not a good idea to cheat while halfway up a mountain either, so please tell us if you're scared, tired or having similar problems so that we can manage those problems as best we can.  

We feel it is important that we're honest with you about the issues we can face up in the mountains in able to allow you to be similarly honest with us, in order to share a fantastic experience together, on skis, rocks or ice.

The activities we offer require you to have a certain level of physical fitness and to be prepared for your adventure in order to enjoy it more.  If you haven't had quite enough time to prepare properly please tell us and, again, we'll do our best to adapt our itinerary to accommodate that.