Queyras Mountain Guides

Change of programme

For reasons of security, or because of bad weather, or avalanche risks we may have to change plans slightly and offer you a plan B which best suits your needs.  I

There are rarely times when we cannot find another route or expedition to undertake in a neighbouring valley or mountain range.  We hardly ever cancel an outing.

If, on the day of an expedition, the ability level of the group as a whole or of one of its members is found to be too low to proceed with the trip or forces us to turn round, fees for that day are due in their entirety.  This should provide quite good motivation to find a group of people with the correct ability level to undertake an expedition (physical fitness, technical ability and experience should be roughly aligned).

If on the day of an outing the weather conditions or conditions on the mountain oblige us to turn back we will amend fees according to how far/ how long we've gone.

If you cancel less than 30 days before an outing or if we cancel the outing, we will fully refund you.  If you cancel with less than 30 days notice we will keep the deposit (30% of the fees).