Off piste Skiing

More and more skiers are catching the off-piste bug. Unlike backcountry ski touring, off-piste skiing allows you to find the perfect line and focus your effort on the descent. Rest on the way up, and ski one off-piste run after another until your legs can no longer take it!

So pull out your favorite ski boots, your fat skis, and your full-on helmet.

Whatever your skill level, each ski area offers something for everyone. From your first time off-piste to skiing the steeps, by way of the Alps' classic descents, it will always be our pleasure to guide you.

From the Haute-Maurienne, to the Queyras, to La Grave, enjoy an incredible mountain playground. Depending on conditions, and with a little searching, these areas almost always offer secret stashes of never-ending untracked powder.

While exceptionally fun and exciting, skiing knee-deep untracked powder does have its risks, such as avalanche danger and route finding. In addition to introducing you to the area's incredible descents, we are by your side to ensure that you avoid the danger zones on any given day. Thorough knowledge of the area combined with years of experience allows us to minimize the risk. We will provide you with basic avalanche beacon search training when you book an outing with us.

From your first time off-piste skiing to freeride dreams, reserve a weekend or a multi-day trip. Ski locally, in Italy's Monte Rosa Range, or even at more exotic locations, everything is possible.

Rates:€400 per day to divide among the participants. Transceiver, shovel, probe, harness, and other safety equipment are provided.

Group size:6 maximum per group.

All inclusive