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Wadi Rum - Jordanie

the desert's climbs

This trip on the red sandstone of Wadi Rum is probably one of the most atypical destinations for climbing! The atmosphere of the desert and the reception of the Bedouins are also for many!

The multiple sandstone towers (Jebels) around the village of Wadi Rum, come out of the desert like mushrooms that have magically grown on the sand.

Bedouins have ventured there for a long time, opening up daring and complex itineraries, which today still give the modern climber a hard time.

Since the 1980s Western climbers have discovered these massifs and opened up a multitude of routes in a sobriety of equipment imposed by the rock itself and which gives these climbs all their character and interest today. Here we climb on nuts!

Duration 9 days
Capacity From 1 to 3 climbers per Guide
Ability level French 5+/6a
Rates 3100 euros per personne with 3 climbers. 3400€ for 2 .

Nights in best house in the village of Wadi Rum, Bedouin tent in the desert and Bivouac under the stars. Full board with picnic for lunch. You can complete with your favorite energy bars.

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Contact Guide Nicolas Bernard : +33 650 409 535