Queyras Mountain Guides

Public splitboard adventure

1 day group excursion

We offer group splitboard outings, supervised by a mountain guide and ski/snowboard instructor with a passion for snowboarding, who also accompanies you on a splitboard. This guarantees that the outings will be 100% adapted to a snowboarder's profile: no long flats, no endless traverses or dense forests. We ride the slope!

We start with a minimum of 3 people. All-day outings take place in the Queyras playground, which lends itself perfectly to snowboarding.

Duration 1 day
Capacity Small group from 3 to 6 participants maximum
Ability level Advanced off-piste snowboarders
Rates 90€ per person with DVA/shovel/probe supplied

We can recommend accommodation in the Queyras. See a small selection here.

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